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Flight Information

For all 2012 summer staff coaches, the provisional details of your flight dates are below:

Depart: Sunday July 1st - 8:40am (From a London Airport)

Return: Saturday August 25th - 6:42am (To a London Airport)

Cost: $1020 (Paid for by the US Sports Institute)

Once this flight is booked and confirmed, ANY changes you request to the return flight will cost $250, and this cost is YOUR responsibility.

However, if you are planning on travelling after camp has finished, we DO have the opportunity to change your ticket NOW. If the cost of the airfare remains the same ($1020), there will be no charge. If the cost increases, we will just charge you the difference in the fare. Any fees pertaining to this flight change will be deducted from your salary in the first two weeks after your arrival. For example:

You want to go travelling and request a return date of September 10th. The new cost of this ticket is $1070. Therefore you would be responsible for the difference in the fare, $50.

You will be responsbile for all costs related to your travel to and from the airport in the UK. The US Sports Institute will provide transport to and from the aiport in the US. However, if you change your flight, and do not fly home on the specified flight above, the US Sports Institute will not provide any transport for your departing flight.

Please complete this form if you wish to request a flight change.


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