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Employment information:InternATIONAL RESIDENTS

At this time we are NOT accepting positions from international residents. To be notified when we are hiring again click here.

For over 20 years, we have given coaches and educators from across the world the opportunity to live and work in America. We provide fun, high energy camps for children aged 3 – 14 years in a variety of sports and activities and are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, inspirational sports coaches.

We offer two exciting contracts to our international applicants; a full summer placement (Mid-June to the end of August), and a half summer placement (End of July – End of August) for those of you who have graduation or other commitments during June/July.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a passion for sports, are motivated, energetic and love working with kids, this job is for you! View summer camp positions available to international applicants below:*:

Multi Sports Camps:
Coach children at the recreational level, the fundamentals of over 10 different sports, in a fun-filled week of camp.

Soccer Camps:
Coach children at a recreational and travel level the fundamentals of the game of soccer. Teach them the key skills of play such as Passing, shooting, and dribbling, all in a fun, enjoyable environment.

Tennis Camps:
Coach children of a beginner and intermediate level the fundamentals of tennis. Help them improve their technique, understand the rules, and create fun sessions to install a love for the game.

Other Sports:
Lacrosse and Golf

*Please note we may not be hiring for all positions listed above at all times - click the blue "view available jobs" button below to view which positions we are currently hiring for. 

Spending your summer with the USA Sport Group will not only provide a great addition to your resume, it will also increase your confidence, independence, and your coaching skills. You'll make friends for life and will see some truly incredible parts of America along the way, and one aspect that we know you'll take away and cherish is the positive influence you will have had on hundreds of young athletes on your camps. This is a role that truly does make a difference - why not make this summer one to remember?


Start your journey towards a summer that you’ll truly never forget, click the blue button to complete the Employment Interest Form so we can contact you we begin hiring again.

Does this sound like you?
  • A love and passion for working with children

  • Enthusiastic about sports and teaching basic skills to beginners

  • Good understanding and a wide knowledge of sports

  • Experience in sports coaching or teaching children

  • Fun & bubbly personality

  • Hold a full, clean driving license and experience driving.

  • Desire to learn and improve as a sports coach and/or educator

  • Flexible outlook and "can do" attitude

  • Ability to relate and communicate with children, parents, and co-workers

  • Good physical conditions (due to the demands of the job)

  • Good organization and time management skills

  • Ability to deliver company philosophy and customer service standards

  • Experience or qualifications in the sport you are applying to coach

  • Age 21 before July 1. 
  • A rewarding and fulfilling employment experience

  • Coaching in the US for 2 months look great on your resume

  • Extensive training in all of our 16 + sports!

  • Accommodation, travel, and petrol are all provided to you, by us!

  • Experience real America and see some incredible sights along the way!

  • A weekly wage throughout the summer

  • Zero bills or rent to pay!

  • Medical insurance? We've got you covered

  • A hassle-free visa process

  • Free coaching apparel worth over $100, which you can keep. Forever!

  • Accommodation close to a major US city - Boston, NYC, or Philadelphia

  • Day camps only - no putting kids to bed, no waking kids up, no log cabins!

  • Free time to watch live sports, visit major cities, go to the beach, & more!

  • Travel for up to 30 days after you finish working for USA Sport Group.
Interview Stages


Your details will be screen to determine your suitability for the coaching role you selected. We receive thousands of applications each year - make sure your application stands out!

Attend Webinar

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to an online webinar so you can more about the position and life in the US. 

Submit Video

After participating in the webinar candidates will be required to send a brief video of themselves, lasting no more than 4 minutes. You should aim to discuss your experiences, philosophies, and motivations for wanting work for USA Sport Group, as well as answer some questions that we provide.

Attend UK Recruitment Event

Approved candidates who have completed the above process within the deadlines set, will be invited to attend one of our regional recruitment events in the UK. This will involve company presentations, demonstrations, one-on-one interviews, and peer-to-peer coaching.

Contract Offer & Visa Process

Candidates who perform well at the Recruitment Event will be offered a conditional contract. Once this is signed and all relevant documentation collected we can start your visa process. Once your visa is approved and your passport returned, you will be set to fly out to join our coaching team in America!

The North East of America is a great place to live and work, and I have loved every minute!

USA Sport Group's extensive training allowed me to learn new sports, like American football and baseball, and have loved having the opportunity to coach them! 

Working for the USA Sport Group is definitely a great and rewarding experience, and I encourage everyone to try it.

A great company to work for. I have had the time of my life working for them – with the added bonus of being able to see many different cities and places in the States during my free time!


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Outside of Office Hours

Below are some useful tips to help you proceed with your order when our office is closed. If you are still having difficulty completing your purchase or have any questions about the products or services offered, please send us an email to and we will get back to you during office hours.

Contact us:

Phone: (732) 563-2520
Email: customercare@usasportgroup.com
Live Chat: Available during office hours

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