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Parent Information for Camps & Classes

Weather Alerts, Program Status & Make-Up Information 

Program status, cancellations, and make-up info is listed on the program's specific information page.
To find and view the status of a program, click the button below.

Class & Camp Program Status

Parent Feedback
Your opinion REALLY does count! Please click here to leave feedback about your program.  

Program Times
We request you pick up and drop off your children promptly. Start and end times will be listed online and on your registration confirmation.  

Parent Observation
For our Squirts classes we strongly recommend you stay and watch, however, we ask that you keep your distance so your child is not dependent on you. If you do need to leave, please let the coach know. For our older classes, you are more than welcome to stay, however, again please keep your distance so your child can play!

Camp and Class Safety
We want you to feel as comfortable as possible leaving your child with us, so we have safety systems in place including signing in and out procedures, emergency drills, program coordinators and fully trained first aid coaches. Under no circumstance will your child be left on their own. We have been running programs for over 30 years, and safety is our number one priority.

Signing In and Out
On the first day, please bring your child to the lead coach/coordinator to sign in, they will then be assigned a coach who you will sign in and out with for the rest of the program. The coach will not allow your child to leave unless you are present, so please don’t wait in a car or parking lot. If your child is allowed to walk home or leave with someone else, we require you to personally hand a written letter of consent to your child’s coach. 

What To Bring
Clothing: Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Protection from the sun (hat/sunscreen) is especially important.
Footwear: Appropriate footwear must be worn for all classes. Cleats for soccer (except for Squirts), sneakers for squirts, tennis, basketball etc. 
Equipment: Please check the Class Description section of your class. Required equipment will be noted in this area. 
Food: If your child is on a half day camp, please provide a snack. If your child is on a full day camp, please provide snacks and a bagged lunch. 
Drink: Please provide plenty of fluid for your child to last the duration of the program. We recommend at least 1 gallon (4 liters) for all summer camps.

Parent & Me Classes
Additional information about Parent & Me classes & camps.

We try not to cancel programs, but sometimes Mother Nature just gets in our way! In this case, please do not call! Instead, click on the 'Class & Camp Program Status' button at the box at the top of this page to the most up to date information regarding rain outs, snow or heat advisory cancellations. To view our complete weather policy, click here: Weather policy.

Make-Up Information
The vast majority of our programming consists of outdoor activities. Registration for any camp or class should come with the understanding that a portion of a camp/class may be impacted or canceled due to adverse weather conditions. If a program is impacted by weather, where you registered will dictate the weather policy/make-up information which applies. To view our complete weather policy, click here: Weather policy.

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