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Covid-19 Information for Registration Programs.

The following precautions and policies are constantly amended based upon updated guidance from the CDC, ACA and state Health Departments. This information represents our policies as of 6/26/20.

Registered for a program this summer?

For every session you attend you must complete the Daily Wellness Form prior to signing in. Click the blue button and complete the form if you have camp or class today. 

Please find below some further information on how USG is moving forward with programming. Note that some information may change over time as recommendations/guidance change or are updated. Where USG coaches are hired to coach on a program run by another Organization our coaches will follow the guidelines put in place by that Organization, not the USG guidelines as stated below. 

Points below relate to both weekly classes (where a class runs once per week for a series of weeks) and camps (multiple days at the same site during one week) unless a specific program type is denoted after the point. If a number appears in parentheses following a point, then further information on this topic can be found by scrolling down to the relevant numbered question/answer. For information on Soccer Team Training, click here

• If player has any symptoms of Covid-19 including cough, shortness of breath, or a temperature of 100.4, please stay home.
• If anyone in your household has a fever of 100.4 please do not attend the session.
• If anyone in your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19; quarantine for 14 days before attending sports.
• If anyone in your household has traveled internationally or to a state listed on the Travel Advisory List; quarantine for 14 days before attending sports.
• If you have to cough/sneeze, do so into your arm.
• No physical contact such as high fives, celebrations, etc…
• 6 feet will be kept between players, coaches and guardians at all times.
• All participants will receive their own equipment to use for each session. No sharing.
• Guardians will be expected to accompany children to bathroom facilities where available. (Weekly only) (9)
• Bring clearly marked medical bag if required (e.g. Epipen, Inhaler etc…).
• Bring face mask and hand sanitizer to every session.
• Group sizes will be reduced to help ensure CDC guidelines are followed.
• On all camp programs, groups will not intermingle at any point. (7)
• Each day before arrival you will be required to complete the Daily Wellness Form to confirm the participant is healthy and has not been exposed to Covid-19. 
• No spitting on the field at any time be it water or saliva.
• Wash your hands prior to arrival.
• Come fully dressed and ready to play.
• No touching equipment such as goals, throw down markers or cones.
• Go to bathroom before attending. Bathrooms may not be available at the site.
• Optional face masks during the session. (see updated CDC guidelines).
• Optional but recommended face masks during sign-in. (see updated CDC guidelines).
• Follow all guidelines as directed by the coach.
• Follow expanded sign-in procedure. (4)
• Before start of session explain guidelines to parents and participants. 
• Participants will be assigned to working area upon sign in. Areas will be at least 6 feet apart. (7) 
• Assign each child a water area. All children on Squirts classes will return to parents for water break. (3)
• Ensure hand sanitizer is applied during each water break. (Weekly only) (8)
• Ensure hand sanitizer is applied before during and after each rotation on all summer camps (Camp only) (8)
• Only the coach is allowed to touch any training equipment such as cones, goals, etc. No pinnies will be used.
• All equipment is disinfected prior to and at the end of each session.
• All training equipment is setup prior to player’s arrival on the field.
• Implement new curriculum promoting learning in an individual setting. (2)
• Wear masks during the session when social distancing cannot be ensured. (7)
• Follow CDC guidelines as necessary.
• Communicate with your children about all Player Guidelines.
• Follow correct procedures pre-arrival, for sign-in & viewing. (4,5 & 6)
• Avoid carpooling players from different households where possible.
• Where possible only one guardian should attend per participant.
• Please arrive no more 5 minutes prior to your start time.
• Once your child is signed out please leave immediately. (5)
• Please be prepared to social distance at all times and wear a face mask as necessary. (6)
• Inform USG any time your child misses a session through illness. (10)

Expanded Information & Common Questions

We have completely redesigned our curriculum to keep everyone safe while ensuring the participants still experience a great environment.
To view samples of how Squirts Classes, Tennis Classes & Summer Camps will run, click here

1. How will USG proceed with programming moving forward?
USG will be following guidelines as recommended by the CDC, ACA and the Government in order to run programs in a safe and secure manner. In all circumstances USG will take every care to ensure the safety of participants, guardians and coaches. USG will be adapting all sessions to meet protocol and will redesign curriculums to ensure that your child can safely participate in each sporting activity.

2. How will the curriculum be affected by the safety measures put into place? Will I still get the same experience?
Curriculums have been redesigned by our education team so that each child will continue to learn the techniques of the specific sport/s while observing the new safety guidelines. All participants will continue to develop in each sport and enjoy learning in our new format. They will also be able to participate in plenty of fun challenges against other participants with social distancing measures in place.

3. How will we do water breaks?
For all weekly classes where guardians are required to stay we will ask that the guardians keep the children’s water bottles throughout. Any time there is a water break each child will be sent to their guardians. Children should remain with parents until the coach calls them back. For all other programs each child will be able to leave their drinks to the side of the working area in their own designated water area maintaining 6ft between each child.

4. What is the sign-in procedure when we arrive for each session?
When you arrive at any registration program you will be required to line up to sign-in. Markers will be placed much as you see at local stores to ensure that 6ft is kept between all participants and also the coach. A coach will ask you questions about your child’s health much as you would be asked at the local doctor surgery. We recommend that you and your child have your face mask on during this time. You’ll then proceed to your assigned area as directed by the coach.

5. What is the sign-out procedure?
Weekly classes: For all sessions your child will be individually signed back to you at the end of the session. Please remember to maintain social distancing waiting for your child. Camps programs: Your child will be placed into a group for the entire day. Please locate your child's group area at the camp. Children will be waiting for you in their group area when you arrive for pick up. Please wait in the designated area remembering to social distance and your child will be signed out to you. We also recommend wearing a face mask at this time. On all programs we recommend that you leave immediately upon completion of the session.

6. Can I watch the sessions?
Yes. For weekly classes designated as ‘Squirts’, guardians are actually required to remain for the entire session. In order to watch we ask that you do so 6ft away from the edge of the playing area and a minimum of 6ft away from other families. We recommend all people watching must wear face masks in any situation where social distancing cannot be guaranteed. We ask that where possible you have only one guardian attend each session and leave any siblings at home if possible. For all classes not designated as squirts we ask that after you sign your child into the session you return to your vehicle and watch from there.

7. How will you ensure social distancing during the session?
All sessions have been redesigned with social distancing in mind. Group huddles will be eliminated, there will be no high fives or any contact between participants. We will make every attempt to ensure a child does not come within 6 feet of another child. For specific information on how your session will adapt to changes please view the sports specific program types below. All staff will also be given a whistle to help control each session.

8. How will we keep children’s hands sanitized?
You are required to provide hand sanitizer for your child for all programs. On all weekly programs, children will experience water breaks approximately every 10 minutes. We suggest this is a good time to re-apply. For all camp programs, hand sanitizer breaks will be built in to the schedule. 

9. What if my child needs the bathroom?
For weekly classes, restrooms will be made available if they are deemed fit for use by our host organizations. There may be cases on some weekly classes that bathrooms may not be available at a site. For any weekly class the parent will be responsible for accompanying their child to the bathroom. For all camps, restrooms will be provided and maintained by the host organization.

10. What if I cannot attend a session?
If you are absent sick from a session we ask that you let USG know by calling 732 563 2520 or email us at

11. What if my child test's positive for Covid-19 and has attended a USG sessions?
If your child has tested positive for Covid-19 please call 732 563 2520 as soon as you are able.

12. Do USG staff get Covid-19 tested before starting the program?
No, we are not able to test all coaches prior to all sessions. However each coach will self regulate and follow the same protocols as we ask of our participants. Coaches will ensure that they take their temperature prior to coaching. If a coach shows any symptoms they will be removed from the session.

13. How are USG staff trained to deal with Covid-19?
USG will provide specialized Covid-19 training for all staff to go over all safety precautions and logistics for how exactly each session should be run. This will be done in the form of both webinars and on field training. Staff will also be tested on protocol to ensure that all information is retained. Any staff member who does not pass the required testing will not be allowed to coach. All precautions will be taken to ensure that you, your children and our staff remain safe throughout each session.

14. What will you be doing to ensure lunch is taken safely on camp?
On any camp program lunch will be taken with your child’s group. Each group will be spread across the facility to avoid groups coming into contact with each other. Social distancing will be adhered to within each group. There will be no sharing of any food or drink.

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