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Refund Policy & Cancelation Policy

For programs operated by USA Sport Group Companies

Last Modified: March 26, 2019

This document is NOT applicable for programs operated by Third Party Partners. All Third Party Partner programs are governed by their own policies and procedures.  You can access the policies governing your program by locating the Program Details Page, the policies are located within the Parent Info, Policies and Forms information tab (see below for more info).

What is a Third Party Partner?
A Third Party Partner is an organization who has partnered with the USA Sport Group (USG) to advertise their programs on the USG websites and/or use the USG online registration system to process customer purchases. Please note USA Sport Group is not affiliated with programs operated by Third Party Partner organizations.

How do I find out if my program is operated by a Third Party Partner?

You can find out if your program is operated by Third Party Partner or by USA Sport Group Companies by viewing the Program Details Page for your program. You will see a note at the top of this page explaining who operates your selected class.

How do I locate my Program Details Page?
If you are not registered for the program please select the program from our listings, click the "more info" button and you will be directed to the program details page. If you have registered for a program, log in to "Your Account", select "Your Programs", click on the selected program link and you will be directed to the specific details page for that program.

USA Sport Group Websites ("Sites", "Websites", "USG Websites") refers to all affiliated sites including but not limited to,,,,,, and

USA Sport Group Companies ("USG", "USA Sport Group", “us”, “we” or “our”, "USG Companies) refers to all affiliated companies including but not limited to USA Sport Group LLC, US Sports Institute, United Soccer Academy, and First Play LLC.

This policy will be in effect for your registration as per your acceptance of the registration terms when registering.

Canceling your order

If you need to cancel your order, how and where you registered for the program will dictate the cancellation policy which applies:

You registered online directly through a USA Sport Group Website

  1. If you choose to cancel your registration

Within 2 business days of placing the order: 100% refund or credit, provided no sessions have been attended.
More than 15 days prior to the program start date: 100% credit voucher issued of the amount paid.
Between 8 and 14 days prior to the program start date: 50% credit voucher issued of the amount paid.
Within 7 days of the program start date: no refund or credit will be issued.

  1. Non-Participation

Following the initial class, if you decide your child is not ready for the program or its content, we will issue you with a credit voucher*. The value of the credit voucher will be a maximum of 80% of the initial registration fee paid.  To request a credit voucher for non-participation, you must contact USG offices before the 2nd session/camp day begins.

  1. Medical Cancellation

If a medical emergency arises and you submit medical documentation stating that the registrant cannot participate, the Sports Providers will issue a credit voucher* for any time missed (affected dates must be notated on the medical documentation submitted).

*Credit vouchers are valid for one year, from date of issue, for any program only where the registration is placed directly through one of The Websites or by phone to the Sports Providers offices.

This refund and cancellation policy is included within our Terms & Conditions and will be in effect for your registration as per your acceptance when registering.

You registered through a Third Party Organization for a program operated by a USA Sport Group Company

A Third Party Organization is an organization offering programs that are operated by USA Sport Group, these could include organizations such as a Recreation Dept, YMCA, Soccer Club, Preschool or School, etc. All Third Party Partner organizations accepting registrations for USA Sport Group programs have their OWN cancellation and refund policies. Please contact the organization you registered with for their policies.

Reasons USA Sport Group may cancel your order

USA Sport Group Companies may notify you that they are canceling your order. In most cases orders are canceled for one of the two following reasons:

  1. Low enrollment

To run a quality camp or class, we do require that minimum enrollment is met. We do not like to cancel any programs but if we do, you will receive notification from us: 

3 or more days before for weekly classes
5 or more days before for summer camps

  1. The participant being too young/old for the program 

If the coach feels that the participant is not having the best experience or is hindering the experience of other participants, we reserve the right to ask the customer to drop out of the class. In this scenario, a full refund will be issued. 

Please note that this is not an exhausted list of reasons for cancelation and there may be other rare extenuating circumstances for canceling of your order. Regardless, in all circumstances, you will be notified.  

For information related to weather cancelations and all other program-related terms please view our full terms & conditions



During Business Hours

At any time during business hours you can contact one of our dedicated Customer Service Support Representatives who can walk you through the account creation and registration process, they can also take over where you left off and complete your registration for you over the phone! Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can also use our Live Chat feature to connect with our Customer Support Team.

Outside of Office Hours

Below are some useful tips to help you proceed with your order when our office is closed. If you are still having difficulty completing your purchase or have any questions about the products or services offered, please send us an email to and we will get back to you during office hours.

Contact us:

Phone: (732) 563-2520
Live Chat: Available during office hours

Useful Tips

The programs I selected are not appearing in my cart
  1. Log out of your USA Sport Group Account
  2. Exit out of the webpage
  3. Reload
  4. Sign In with your username and password
  5. Search & select the programs you wish to add
  6. Checkout
I know my password but cannot log into my account

Try resetting your password, to do so, please click the "forgot password" button within the Account Login page (please note sometimes these emails may go into your spam or junk folders).

If directed from a Recreation Department or third-party site you will need to create a seperate USG account(if you have not done so already).

How do I reset my password?
  1. Click the forgot password" button within the Account Login page
  2. Enter your email address linked to the account
  3. Click submit
  4. Locate the USA Sport Group reset password email you received
  5. Click the link in the email (the link is only valid one time, please note multiple attempts to reset the password using the same link will be blocked)
  6. Enter your username (not your email address)
  7. Click submit
  8. Enter a new password, and confirm (please choose a password without any special characters - just letters and numbers)
  9. Click submit
  10. Log in with your Username and New Password
  11. Find a program and register!
  12. Still not working - contact us using one of the methods listed above.
I have forgotten my username, how do I find this?

Please contact us using one of the methods above. To protect your privacy, during this process, you may be asked some quick security questions to verify your identity before we can provide you with your username. If required, during this time we can also reset your password.

I entered all my credit card info but it won't go through
  1. Check your address - make sure it matches the billing address for your credit card
  2. Re-enter your credit card details
  3. Submit your payment for a second time
  4. Still not working? Contact our office via one of the methods listed above so we may assist in resolving the issue
My coupon/ credit voucher code is not working
  1. Check the date the code expires
  2. Click here to check the exclusions for current active discount codes
  3. If the program you are registering for is not listed on the exclusions page however, you are still having difficulties, contact us via one of the methods above and we can check for you
Why do I have to agree to more than one set of Terms & Conditions?

Every program is governed by a particular set of terms and conditions, for this reason if you have selected to purchase multiple products you may find you have to read and agree to multiple program terms and conditions. Everyone purchasing a program regardless of the organization operating the program is required to agree to the USA Sport Group Liability Waiver.

My cart is showing a program as prepaid but I still need to pay for it.
  1. Empty your cart
  2. Go to
  3. At the top of the page enter the age of the participant and your zip code
  4. Use the filters to narrow your search and find the selected program
  5. Click the blue "More Info" button
  6. The program details page will give you information on how to register and pay for the program.

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