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Community Parent & Group Discount Program

Did you know... your child could attend a sports class or camp for FREE?

Or just earn extra cash for your pocket.

If you fall into one of the below groups, then this program is for you...

Community Parents: Individuals who are willing to promote our programs in their community.

Group Organizers: Individuals who have a group (at least 5 people) looking to register for a program together.


It's As Easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.  We issue you a unique discount code for 10% off which you share with your community (or with your group).

2. Every time your coupon is used, YOU EARN $10-$20 per use, PLUS bonuses as your uses increase.

3. Use your cash rewards towards a sports class or camp, or receive it in the form of a check to you!

*This program is not eligible for Team Camps or Team Programs.

Please refer to the table below for an example of how it works.

Code Uses$10 Payments$20 Payments$100 BonusTotal Payment
5 $10 x 5     $50
10 $10 x 10   YES $200
20 $10 x 10 $20 x 10 YES $400
25 $10x 10 $20 x 15 YES $500

Get started today!

Click here to receive your personal discount coupon, or call our Community Parent-Group Specialist at (732) 357-0691. You will receive your own coupon code within 1-2 days.


We're here to help!

A dedicated associate is available to you and will walk you through this simple process, so you can begin earning rewards today.  We can also provide you with email templates, social media links, or any other promotional material that you may need to help spread the word.

No listings in your area? No problem, you can run your own private program, call us on: (732) 357-0691 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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