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Weather Policy

In cases of inclement weather parents should check their class status by entering the class code on the Parent Information Page. If there is no inclement weather warnings, your class will be running as scheduled or a decision may be made at the location.  In the event of light showers all programs will continue as scheduled, providing the playing area is safe.  Unfortunately, predicting the weather is not a perfect science and while we endeavor to make the correct call, we know that we can't please everyone all of the time. We do try our best though, so please bear with us!

Weather Policy & Make-up Details

The vast majority of programming consists of outdoor activities.  Registration for any camp or class should come with the understanding that a portion of a camp/class may be impacted or canceled due to adverse* weather conditions. 

If a program is impacted by weather, where you registered will dictate the weather policy which applies. 

You registered directly through our website:

Weekly Classes:
Class cancelled due to weather?  If an entire session or more is lost and we are unable to offer a make-up session at the end of the program, we will issue a credit voucher valid on any future program. 

Summer  & School Vacation Camps:
Day of camp get washed out?  If an entire session/day or more of camp is lost and we are unable to offer make-up times during the camp week, we will issue a credit voucher valid on any future program.

You registered through a 3rd party:

A 3rd party is an organization such as a Recreation Dept, YMCA, Soccer Club, Pre School or School etc. All 3rd party organizations have their own cancellation and refund policies. Please contact the organization you registered with for their policy.

*Adverse weather conditions include (but are not limited to) any of the following: excessive heat, excessive snow or snow accumulation, persistent rain, thunder and lightning, excessive/dangerous winds, or field closures (where the Recreation Department, town or 3rd party organization closes the field/facility due to adverse weather conditions).

Weather FAQs

It's raining, what should I do?

Prior to a camp/class starting: In the event of rain, parents should check the Parent Information Page, where all cancelled classes will be listed. If your class is not listed please attend your session as scheduled. Please dress your child appropriately.

During a camp or class: If your child is on site and weather conditions deteriorate please check the Parent Information Page. The program will continue in the event of light rain or passing showers. At locations where there is no shelter we will try to provide canopies for cover. If weather conditions become unplayable and shelter cannot be provided, the program may be cancelled for the remainder of the day and you may be required to collect your child from program.

What happens is the event of thunderstorms?

In the event of thunderstorms, the program will be suspended until the storm passes. Lightening storms are unpredictable so a 30 minute rule is enforced on all of our programs. 30 minutes will be counted from when the last strike of lightening was seen. If the storm passes, play will continue, however, if the storm continues the program may be cancelled and you will be required to collect your child from the program.

How early do you decide if a class is cancelled?

We strive to make informed decisions for all classes by checking the weather forecasts and radar frequently. In light of this, decisions are typically made 1 hour before a session is scheduled to take place. Due to the nature of the wide geographical area in which we run our programs, sometimes you may be asked to report to the field where the final decision will be made by the coaches present as they will be more equipped to make the correct decision. The coaches decision will be based on the current weather and field conditions. If conditions deteriorate after a program has started you may be required to collect your child. When dropping your child at a program coaches will try to inform parents if adverse weather conditions are expected. Please ensure coaches are given the best contact phone number to reach you on in this situation.

It is raining, why is my class not listed on the Weather Alerts page?

We strive to ensure the best decisions are made for each individual program by checking the weather forecasts and radar frequently. However, sometimes this technology is not truly accurate, in such instances our office staff members rely on our on field staff to relay the actual weather condition once they have arrived on location. If your program is not listed we ask parents to attend the session as scheduled, where coaches will make a decision based on current weather and field conditions.

It has been raining all night / day. Will my class be cancelled?

All decisions are made based on the forecast for the time of your scheduled class. Please check the Parent Information Page to find out if your class is cancelled or moved to an indoor location. Parents should dress their child appropriately for the weather conditions, as the session will go ahead regardless of damp weather if the coach deems the playing area safe to continue. For Tennis programs, coaches will make every effort to clear surface water caused by any recent rainfall; the session will go ahead providing the area can be made safe for play.

If your child is on a day camp the start time of your class may be postponed until the bad weather passes. Please check the Parent Information Page for up to date information.

It is a clear day and my class is cancelled, why?

In cases where rainfall has been heavy the previous day or night, Township Recreation Departments will often close their playing fields to protect the playing surfaces. In this event, the decision is out of our hands and programs must be cancelled.

Why are only some classes listed as cancelled?

We offers a wide range of sports programs across the North East. All weather decisions are based on the forecast for each individual town. It is also possible that one town may close their fields while another does not.

Why do I have to go to field for the coaches to make a decision?

We rely heavily upon the weather forecast and the radar to make our decisions, however it is impossible to know exact weather conditions at each location until our coaches arrive and weather conditions often change quickly. Therefore, there are times when due to the nature of scattered storms / showers you may be asked to report to the field where the decision will be made by the coach. The coaches decision will be based on the weather and field conditions at the time.

What happens in cases of extreme heat?

During the summer, at locations where there is no shade or shelter we will provide canopies for cover, to allow children to sit and cool down during snack breaks. On hot days water breaks are essential and are typically every 10 to 15 minutes. To avoid dehydration it is vital that children bring plenty of water (at least 1 gallon), and hats and sunscreen are advised. All of our coaches are first aid qualified, and are trained to recognize the signs of heat related illnesses. To prevent such illnesses your child’s coach will ensure all participants hydrate and reapply sunscreen frequently throughout the day.

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