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Terms & Conditions

For programs operated by USA Sport Group Companies

Last Modified: June 4, 2019

This document is NOT applicable for programs operated by Third Party Partners. All Third Party Partner programs are governed by their own policies and procedures.  You can access the policies governing your program by locating the Program Details Page, the policies are located within the Parent Info, Policies and Forms information tab (see below for more information).

What is a Third Party Partner?
A Third Party Partner is an organization who has partnered with the USA Sport Group (USG) to advertise their programs on the USG websites and/or use the USG online registration system to process customer purchases. Please note: USA Sport Group is not affiliated with the programs operated by Third Party Partner organizations, but merely acting as a registration portal. 

How do I find out if my program is operated by a Third Party Partner?
You can find out if your program is operated by the Third Party Partner or by USA Sport Group Companies by viewing the Program Details Page for your program. 

How do I locate my Program Details Page? 
If you are not registered for the program, please select the program from our listings, click the "more info" button and you will be directed to the program details page. If you have registered for a program, log in to "Your Account", select "Active Programs", click on the selected program link and you will be directed to the specific details page for that program.

USA Sport Group Websites ("Sites", "Websites", "USG Websites") refers to all affiliated sites including but not limited to:,,,,,,, and

USA Sport Group Companies ("a USA Sport Group Company", "USG", "USA Sport Group", “us”, “we” or “our”, "USG Companies") refers to all affiliated companies including but not limited to: USA Sport Group LLC, US Sports Institute, United Soccer Academy, and First Play LLC.

"You" ("Your", "I", "My", "Registered User", "User") refers to you as an individual and all registered parties for whom you are registering and by virtue the participant who you are acting on behalf of.

"Registered Party" ("participant") refers to any individual (including minors or those you are acting on behalf of as the legal parent or guardian) being registered for the Program using the USA Sport Group Websites and Services and is planning to participate and/or is participating in the Program.

"Program" ("Camps", "Events" "Programs", "Classes") shall include all services,  activities, events, programs, classes or services organized, operated and conducted by USA Sport Group.

"Session" is the period of time that the Program takes place over one day. For example: one day of camp, or a one hour long daily class.

"Weekly Classes" are Programs that occur one to two times per week, over a set period of time.

"Camps" are Programs that take place continuously for up to one week

"Registration Fee" - the total cost paid for an individual Program after discounts and coupons have been applied. Please note this is not the full order total and excludes any additional fees incurred at purchase.

The Terms & Conditions ("Agreement") outlined here apply to all registrations and purchases made for Programs operated by USA Sport Group Companies (USG). We request you read this Agreement, and by proceeding with your registration for the Program (all "Camps", "Events" "Programs", "Classes") on one of our Sites, you acknowledge that you have read this Agreement in full and understand and agree to the terms set out within.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time without further notice. Any changes we make to the Terms & Conditions will be updated in this Agreement and posted to our Sites, where all changes will take immediate effect. You can determine when these Term & Conditions were last revised by referring to the "modified on" legend at the top of the Terms & Conditions. We will strive to notify you in advance of any such changes, however, it is your responsibility to regularly check the Sites to determine if there have been changes to these Terms & Conditions and to review them. If you do not agree to abide by these or any future Terms & Conditions, you should not purchase and/or register for a program operated by USA Sport Group Companies.

This Agreement details important information pertaining to your program:

  1. Refunds & Cancellations
  2. Inclement Weather
  3. Non-Attendance
  4. Parent Observation
  5. Signing In & Out
  6. Immunizations
  7. Changes to a Program
  8. Discounts, Special Offers & Credit Vouchers
  9. Agreement & Liability Waiver

Additional Parent Information can be found at: Parent Program Information

 1.Refund Policy & Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your order, how and where you registered for the program will dictate the cancelation policy which applies:

If you registered online, directly through a USA Sport Group Website:

1. If you choose to cancel your registration

Within 2 business days of placing the order: 100% refund or credit, provided no sessions have been attended.
More than 14 days prior to the program start date: 100% credit voucher issued of the registration fee paid.
Between 8 and 14 days prior to the program start date: 50% credit voucher issued of the registration fee paid.
Within 7 days of the program start date: no refund or credit will be issued.

2. Non-Participation

Following the initial class, if you decide your child is not ready for the program or its content, we will issue you with a credit voucher***. The value of the credit voucher will be a maximum of 80% of the initial registration fee paid.  To request a credit voucher for non-participation, you must contact USG offices before the 2nd session/camp day begins. If 2 or more sessions have taken place, then no credit will be issued for non-participation.

3. Medical Cancellation

If a medical emergency arises and you submit medical documentation stating that the registrant cannot participate, the USA Sport Group will issue a credit voucher*** for any time missed (affected dates must be notated on the medical documentation submitted).

You registered through a Third Party Organization for a program operated by a USA Sport Group Company

A Third Party Organization is an organization offering programs that are operated by USA Sport Group, these may include organizations such as a Recreation Dept, YMCA, Soccer Club, Preschool or School, etc. All Third Party Partner organizations accepting registrations for USA Sport Group programs have their OWN cancelation and refund policies. Please contact the organization you registered with for their policies.

Reasons USA Sport Group may cancel your order

USA Sport Group Companies may notify you that they are canceling your order. In most cases, orders are canceled for one of the two following reasons:

1. Low enrollment

To run a quality Program, we do require that minimum enrollment is met. We do not like to cancel any Program but if we do, you will receive notification within the following time frame:

3 or more days before for weekly classes
5 or more days before for summer camps

If your Program is canceled due to low enrollment, we will strive to find an alternative program option for you and switch you onto this new Program with as little disturbance as possible. If we cannot find an alternative program that works for you and your schedule, you can opt for a full refund instead.

2. The participant is too young/old for the program 

3. To protect the saftey and well-being of participants.

If the coach feels that the participant is not having the best experience or is hindering the experience of other participants, including but not limited to discrimination, bullying, persistent poor behavior of any kind, irrespective of any special needs, USA Sport Group reserves the right to remove the participant from the program with immediate effect, either for the remainder of the day (part-exclusion) or from the entire program (full exclusion). In this scenario, a pro-rated refund will be issued for the time missed during the exclusion.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of reasons for cancelation and there may be other extenuating circumstances for canceling your order

Inclement Weather Cancelation Policy

If a program operated by USA Sport Group Companies is impacted by weather, how, where and what type of program you registered for will dictate which weather policy which applies.

You registered directly through a USA Sport Group Website:

Weekly Classes:

Class canceled due to weather?  If more than 50% of one full session is lost and we are unable to make-up for the lost time at the end of the program, we will issue a credit voucher*** valued at $12, valid on any future program. 

      Example 1: 
      Program Cost: $200
      Program Duration: every Monday for 8 weeks.
      On Week 2 the session is canceled on Monday at 8am, no makeup available. 
      Compensation: $12 credit voucher

      Example 2: 
      Program Cost: $200
      Program Duration: every Monday from 12pm-1pm for 8 weeks.
      On Week 4 while at the session, it is canceled at 12:35pm due to a thunderstorm. 
      Compensation: none

Summer & School's Out Camps:
  • One full day of camp gets washed out?  If an entire day of camp is lost and we are unable to make-up the lost time during that week, we will issue a credit voucher*** for 60% of the pro-rated daily cost, valid on any future program.
  • Camp gets washed out partway through the day? If participants attend camp and it has to be canceled during the day (while participants are onsite), no compensation or makeup will be offered.

      Example 3: 
      Camp Cost: $250
      Camp Duration: 5 days, 9am-4pm
      Full day of camp is canceled on Tuesday at 8am, no makeup available. 
      Compensation: 60% of $50 (per day cost) = $30 credit voucher

      Example 4: 
      Camp Cost: $250
      Camp Duration: 5 days, 9am-4pm
      Participants attended camp on Tuesday at 9am, but at 1pm it was canceled due to Thunderstorms. 
      Compensation: none

      Example 5: 
      Camp Cost: $75
      Camp Duration: 5 days, 5pm-6pm
      Full Day of camp is canceled on Friday at 3pm, no makeup available
      Compensation: 60% of $15 (per day cost) = $9 credit voucher

Why this policy?

We hate to cancel our Programs, but unfortunately, we cannot control the weather and sometimes this cannot be helped! In these instances, our fixed expenses don't change, so in most circumstances, we have already incurred many costs for program set-up, administration, staffing, equipment, the facility, and more. We strive to be fair to you, the customer and believe our compensation system is fair to all parties involved. Please be aware that many sports provision companies have no refund/credit policy in the event of program cancelations.

For more detailed information on our inclement weather policy, including FAQs, please click here.

You registered through a Third Party Organization for a program operated by a USA Sport Group Company

A Third Party Organization is an organization offering programs that are operated by USA Sport Group, these could include organizations such as a Recreation Dept, YMCA, Soccer Club, Preschool or School, etc. All Third Party Organizations accepting registrations for USA Sport Group programs have their OWN weather and refund policies and procedures. Please contact the organization you registered with for their policies.


2.Inclement Weather

The vast majority of the USA Sport Group programming consists of outdoor activities. Registration for any Program should come with the understanding that a portion of a camp/class may be impacted or canceled due to adverse* weather conditions.

Prior to a Session starting

To find out the status of your upcoming Session, please check the Program Details Page for your specific program. You can locate this page in one of two ways:

  • Click the link to "Today's Sessions", search for your program and click the blue "view program details" button.
  • Log into your User Account, select Active Programs and click on the desired Program link.

We strive to ensure the best decisions are made for each individual program by checking the weather forecasts and radar frequently. However, sometimes this technology is not truly accurate. In such instances, our office staff members rely on our on-field staff to relay the actual weather condition once they have arrived on location.  If your class is not listed as canceled, please attend your session as scheduled, where coaches will make a decision based on current weather and field conditions. Please dress appropriately for the playing conditions.  

During a Session

If your child is on site and weather conditions deteriorate, please check the Program Details Page for that specific Program (see above for how to locate this page). The program will continue in the event of light rain or passing showers. If weather conditions become unplayable and shelter cannot be provided, the program may be canceled for the remainder of the day and you may be required to collect your child from the program.

In the event of thunderstorms, the program will be suspended until the storm passes. Lightning storms are unpredictable, so a 30/30 rule** is enforced on all of our programs. 30 minutes will be counted from when the last clap of thunder was heard. If the storm passes, play will continue, however, if the storm continues, the program may be canceled and you will be required to collect your child from the program.

During the summer at locations where there is no shade or shelter, we will provide canopies for cover to allow children to sit and cool down during snack breaks. On hot days, water breaks are essential and are typically every 10 to 15 minutes. To avoid dehydration, it is vital that participants bring:

  • Plenty of water - we suggest at least 1 gallon
  • Hats or Caps that protect the face and head from the sun
  • Sunscreen. Please note for safety and child protection reasons, our staff are NOT permitted to apply sunscreen to any participant. If participants bring sunscreen, our staff will remind them, at various intervals throughout the session, to apply their own sunscreen. Our staff can assist young participants with spray sunscreen, by spraying it onto exposed areas, and with snap-top sunscreens, by squeezing the sunscreen into their hand to apply it themselves. In both these circumstances, the participant will be required to administer their own sunscreen into/onto their own skin. To maximize playing time, we also request that the participant arrives to their session with sunscreen already applied. Due to allergies, we do not provide sunscreen to participants or permit participants to share sunscreen (unless they are siblings).


3. Non-Attendance

We understand that sometimes life happens and you may be unable to attend one of your programs scheduled sessions. In the event you know you’ll be unable to attend a session ahead of time, please let your coach know the week prior, as this information will assist them with planning.

Due to participant safety and liability reasons we cannot allow participants to make up the time missed by attending a different program for one session.  We have a duty to all participants, clients, customers, and coaching staff to provide a high-quality sporting experience which meets their needs and fulfills all program requirements, including but not limited to adhering to group ratios, insurance and liability agreements, facility schedules, and town rules/regulations; for these reasons you may only attend  programs which you are registered for.

Please note: if a medical emergency arises or the participant misses a session due to sickness, USA Sport Group will issue a credit voucher*** for any time missed providing medical documentation is submitted stating that the registrant cannot participate (affected dates must be notated on the medical documentation submitted).


4.Parent Observation

Are parents required to stay at the program? That depends upon the age of the participant and the length of the program. A parent/guardian is required to remain throughout the entire program if BOTH of the following criteria are true:

  1. The participant is 6 years of age or under
  2. The program is 1 hour or less in duration (per day).

Parents required to stay at the program should be located immediately next to the playing area and be able to supervise their child for water breaks, bathroom breaks or any instance where their child leaves the coaches' playing area.


5.Signing In and Out

For every Program, the participant must be signed in and out every day. For all children's programs, a parent or guardian is required to physically sign-in and sign-out their child at the start and end of every daily session. For the safety of all participants, we require you adhere to the following procedures with regards to dropping off and collecting your child from our Programs:

    • The Safety Zone - the "Safety Zone" is a coned area marked out by the coach each day; this area is used for sign-in and sign-out and for any emergency situations which may arise during the Program. 
      You are required to physically sign in/out - you may not stay in your car, the parking lot, or utilize any other location/field to drop or collect your child from the Program. You must drop/collect your child to/from the Safety Zone to sign them in/out.
    • Emergency Contact Details - on the first day of your Program you must ensure the coach has the correct contact details for you and they have the correct medical information for your child. If your child is carrying any medications, please notify your coach during sign-in.
    • Someone Else Collecting - on any given day, if a different person is collecting your child at the end of that Session, you must have informed the coach during sign-in on that day. At sign-out, the individual collecting your child must bring ID which matches the name given at sign-in.

  • Walking Home Unsupervised - if you are allowing your child to walk home from a program unaccompanied, we require a signed letter indicating this and specifying the exact dates this is permitted. This letter must be presented by a parent/guardian to the coach during sign in on that day. Letters from minors will not be accepted.



For all summer camps (camps taking place between June 1 - September 6) we require all participants be up to date with vaccinations and immunizations appropriate to their age, and in-line with your State Department of Health regulations, including a current Tetanus shot. Before proceeding with your registration and/or purchase, please check your State Department of Health regulations, which are typically the same as your local school district. 

If the participant is attending a summer camp but is not up to date with the State Department of Health vaccination and immunization requirements, then either they must qualify for exemption due to religious or other qualifying reasons, obtain those vaccinations before the start of camp, or not proceed with their purchase, register or attend of a USA Sport Group Summer Camp.

These requirements DO NOT apply to weekly classes or camps outside of the summer dates outlined above.


7.Changes to a Program

From time to time, we may need to make changes to Program venues, times, dates, and/or curriculums for reasons within or outside our control. We do not like to make changes to any Program but if we do, you will receive notification of the change immediately. If a change to a Program you means that you can no longer attend please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.


8.Discounts, Special Offers & Credit Vouchers

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, delete portions or terminate any Promotions at any time without notice. Only one Promotion can be used towards any one transaction and no two Promotions can be combined. Promotions cannot be applied retrospectively to previous transactions or purchases. The USA Sport Group Companies currently offers the following types of discounts and special offers to its customers for promotional purposes.

Gold Club Membership 

Gold Membership has zero cash value and cannot be refunded or credited in any way. The USA Sport Group Companies reserve the right to exclude certain products or services from the Gold Club discount program. Gold Club may not be combined with additional promotions or discount programs. 

Gift Coupons and Promotional Codes

The USA Sport Group Companies will issue gift coupons and promotional codes for certain products, services or to specified Registered Users on either a dollar or percent value. Purchase of gift coupons mare governed by the terms set forth herein. We reserve the right to refuse all and any use of promotional codes for misuse. If you have received a gift coupon or promotional code, please note that Recreation Departments, Service Providers or other third-party organizations do not typically accept USA Sport Group discounts or promotions. Your gift coupon or promotional code can be used towards any applicable Event operated by USA Sport Group, which is eligible for registration via one of our Sites (not a Third-Party Registration System). Promotional codes cannot be combined nor can they be applied to discounted or pro-rated programs.

Credit Vouchers

If your credit voucher was issued...

  • by a USA Sport Group Company, it can be used on any product, Service or Event provided or operated by USA Sport Group which is eligible for purchase via our online registration payment portal (not a Third-Party Registration System). Please note Recreation Departments, Service Providers or other third-party organizations do not typically accept USA Sport Group Credit Vouchers.
  • directly by a Recreation DepartmentService Partner or Third-Party Organization, we will assess the eligibility for use on our Sites on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee the USA Sport Group Companies can accept a credit voucher issued by a Recreation Department, Service Partner or Third-Party Organization.


9.Agreement & Liability Waiver

During purchase all customers registering for a USA Sport Group Program on the USA Sport Group Websites or via telephone are required to acknowledge and agree to the to the terms set forth in the USA Sport Group Agreement and Liability Waiver. Participation in a Program is not permitted without your acceptance of such terms. View the Agreement & Liability Waiver.


*Adverse weather conditions include (but are not limited to) any of the following: excessive heat, excessive snow or snow accumulation, persistent rain, thunder and lightning, excessive/dangerous winds, or field closures (where the Recreation Department, town or third-party organization closes the field/facility due to adverse weather conditions).

**Lightning 30/30 rule: If it takes less than 30 seconds to hear thunder after seeing the flash, outdoor activities will be suspended and all players will take shelter immediately. After the storm ends, there will be a wait period of 30 minutes before resuming outdoor activities.

***Credit vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue. All credit vouchers issued are only valid on programs operated by USA Sport Group and only where the registration is placed directly through one of the Websites or by phone to the USA Sport Group offices.

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Why do I have to agree to more than one set of Terms & Conditions?

Every program is governed by a particular set of terms and conditions, for this reason if you have selected to purchase multiple products you may find you have to read and agree to multiple program terms and conditions. Everyone purchasing a program regardless of the organization operating the program is required to agree to the USA Sport Group Liability Waiver.

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